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Public helps developers manage their online presence.

Adam Elmore 2 months ago

Proof - Time tracking for busy professionals

Track work-hours and submit professional and trustworthy time-sheets to your customers.

Ludwig Weise 2 months ago

Prise - Smart task management software for founders and freelancers

A smart productivity application that automatically applies 30+ characteristics to your tasks such as creative, asynchronous, and important so you're always on top of what you need to do
Philip Brown 2 months ago

Spinal - Minimal CMS for static site generators

Beautiful and minimal CMS for static site generators

eelco last name 2 months ago

🐸 VitalFrog - Realtime website performance monitoring

VitalFrog is a website performance optimization and monitoring tool.

High conversion rates and a good Google ranking depend on your website performance. Use VitalFrog as your companion to keep your performance up.

Simon Frey 2 months ago - podcast recording software

A virtual recording studio to record each remote participant on separate audio & video tracks captured locally, in high-quality, and saved automatically to the cloud. All through the browser.

Mario Rodriguez 5 months ago