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For geeks who like making things

MegaMaker is for geeks who ❤️ making things. We help developers, designers, and product people:
  • Make better stuff on the web.
  • Earn a better living from what they make.

For some folks, “earning a better living” will mean bootstrapping a product business, but for others, it might mean building a side-project that earns $2k / year and helps them take their family to Disneyland.

Basically, we’re web workers who want more than a regular 9-5.

Our history

In 2012, Kyle Fox and I started an interview podcast called Product People. We chatted with developers, designers, and founders about the process of making digital products. Folks like Jason Fried, Nathan Barry, and Adam Wathan.

Then, in 2013, I created a community for makers. I discovered that there were lots of indie web creators who had similar struggles: isolation, motivation, getting good feedback, and making better things.

In 2016, the MegaMaker podcast launched (search for “MegaMaker” in your podcast player).

Today, the MegaMaker Club is home to over 400+ members, from all over the world.

Every week we share our progress, get feedback on our projects, and help each other when we launch something new.